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San Francisco 49 people take over Samuel and Run Wilson will absence many games

When the San Francisco 49 offensive group seems to have finally improved in the past two games, they lost two important players.

According to the leader Kyle Shanahan, play the external hand cheap jerseys of Dobo Samuel in the 33-6 defending New England Patriots – Samuel (Deebo Samuel) and Running Wine Jeff – Wilson (Jeff Wilson Jr.) is expected to be absent for a long time.

Samahan said Samuel’s left leg shricks were very likely to absence the next match for the Seattle Hawks and the next week’s game for Green Bay packaging.

Since Samuel comes from the fourth week from the foot injury, the 49-person offensive group relies on his play, so this news is a big blow for them. Before the hurt in the game, Samuel completed 5 codes to get 65 yards.

Wilson suffered from the left foot of the ankle, which was expected to be placed in the injury reserve this week, which means that he will at least absence the next three games. Before the hurt in the game, Wilson played the best performance in his career and completed 17 tweezers to get 112 yards 3 times.

After Wilson and Rachim – Mostatt (Raheem Mostert) was placed in the injury reserve list, only Jeric McKinnon and cheap jerseys from china Jahakill Hesteon were in the big list. Jamycal Hasty These two healthy runners. Another running guard & mdash; & mdash; Tevin Coleman is already returned, but it is not clear whether he has returned to health and it is enough to come back in the next game.

In addition to Samuel and Wilson’s injury, external hand Xiaoli-James (Richie James Jr.) was sprained in the game. He will accept the inspection daily.

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