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The first battle report of the outer card week seasons: Emirates Zero Texas

The first game in the season of the season in the season is carried out between the Chief of Kansas City, the Chief of Houston. After the start of the game, the chief has achieved perfect opening, and cheap jerseys from china the chief of the Chief of the Chief of the Chief of the Chief of the Chief of the Chief of the Chief Ball back to Heel – Davis (Knile Davis) attacking 106 yards to get up to the array. Opening only 11 spirates leads. However, the Texas who was hitting a good one did not quickly entered the state. On the contrary, the first time I participated in the seasons, Brian Hoyer passed the ball in the team’s second wave of attack. Fortunately, the emirate passed the ball in the next attack. In the first section, wholesale jerseys the Texas people attacked the Sakya, but Hoyel was killed and the ball was grabbed by the chief, and the Texas lost the opportunity to score.

After entering the second festival, the chief uses 2 arbitrage shoots to expand the leading advantage, and when Texas is again accepted to the chief, the passage of Hoyel is once again cleared by the chief. When the last half of the game entered the last two minutes, Hoyel’s pass was tertiary. At the end of the half, the chief is 13-0 leads.

After the beginning of the next half, the Dezhou people’s offensive still could not make progress, and the chiefs were successfully promoted from this 6 yards in the second half of the first half, eventually founded by the four-point bathing Alex Smith. Handle Collies Completed to Deta. At the end of the third, they once again launched a wave of successful attacks and eventually completed the 5-yard Ball Detatron in the fourth quarter from the Spencer Ware. The 27-0 score makes the game have completely lost the suspense.

The next point of view may be derived by the Dezhou people to avoid the fate of zero. However, when the short section of the fourth section, nike nfl jerseys Hoyell’s pass was called by the chief. The chief uses this opportunity to finally shoot, the score has changed to 30-0. And this score is ultimately maintained until the end.

This game is a very good, complete 4 times of copying twice, causing a drop of ball. The four-dimensional SHIS 22 times passed 17 times successfully achieved 190 yards 1 time to 1 time passed. However, there is also a concern if the chief wins, and their top is taken behind the Jeremy Maclin, and the injury is unknown.

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