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The rookie quad-saving 欧 欧洛洛 is the team to provide the latest pass video

US time on Thursday, nba jerseys wholesale united states Xiu 4-dimensional Tu A-Tengovaroa has been trained for an hour of training in the local private gymnither to provide assessment material for the team instead of career day. The training content includes 55 times of proposed pass and 20 free pass. Training video has been sent to 32 NFL teams.

At present, Tenguova’s injury recovery is the main problem, cheap jerseys online legit and video can help him show personal abilities and get rid of questioning. The staff participating in the training does not exceed 10, and the training period has always followed the safety requirements during the epidemic.

There are two players who participate in this selection of this selection of players to Tengouova, and Jerry, Jerry, Jerry, and Van Tebmer University take over Kalija lipscomb. Judy and Tenguovaa have no time to cooperate during the University of Alabama, and it is very likely that they will be taken away in the first round. Tenguova’s rehabilitation process is carried out in Nashville, which may be the reasons for Liposkang participated in training.

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