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Dian Sanders gives a new show Eliot

Deion Sanders stayed in Dallas 5 years, and he has been wearing a jersey on the season, and sent this number into the famous Hall of Famous Hall, now a rookie again put his number again, then It is Ezekiel Elliott.

Eliot is the first round of cowboy this year, wholesale jerseys for sale and it is considered to have the potential to enter the famous Hall, but Eliot should learn to focus on the court under such publicity. Fortunately, Sanders gave him a lot of suggestions.

Sanders received an interview: “I just hope that this child can focus on the stadium, keep your own attention, don’t be influenced by the spotlight, because the strength of the media is overwhelming, everything in Dallas Cowboys will be a big news He wants to understand that he is a professional player, no longer college students. “

In the period of Ohio State University, Eliot did not have encountered this kind of trouble, but he would ask for more holding machines, will complaining to the coach group, which is obviously not an immature performance but a desire for victory.

For cowboy, with Tony Romo’s recovery, the team gradually entered the right track, Eliot is cheap nfl jerseys com legit likely to be asked for more than 20 times per game next season, I believe he is happy.

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