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Wild horses rushed to attack C. J. Anderson

According to media reports, Denver’s wild horse officially cut off the starting running guard C.J. Anderson (C. J. Anderson).

Anderson was told at the meeting before the start of the project, he was still very young (27 years old), cheap jerseys and he also promoted 1007 yards last year. His contract has been $ 9 million left, but there is no guarantee.

Cuting Anderson not only offers the salary space of the wild horses, but also provides opportunities for the DEVONTAE BOOKER and De & Rsquo; Angelo Henderson. In addition, the wild horses are also very likely to take a running guard in the first five rounds of this year.

Anderson was originally a show of 2013, and there was no first opportunity to get a first two seasons before the college career. But he finally completed the counterattack in the wild horse and entered the list of 53 people. After eight games in the 2014 season, he pushed 767 yards and was selected for cheap jerseys from china professional bowl. The 2015 regular season has also been very stable, and the 90-yard advancement promotion is also contributed to the super bowl.

Anderson said on Sunday: “I know that I can be cut at any time, I will transform this into my own motivation.”

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