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Thanksgiving weight loss Titan striker Warmike gets coach rewards

A cheap nfl jerseys offensive front line player can eat the full table thanks to the dinner, but Tennesi Taitan Warmack selection does not do this. He got a $ 50 bonus for wholesale jerseys free shipping this.

On Thursday morning, the result was 327 pounds and the result of 326 pounds on Friday morning, Womer won the bonus. Titan coach Mikey Mulake asked the players to overeating in Thanksgiving dinner, Womi listened cheap jerseys from china his instructions.

Local media reports that Womaick is stripped in front of the whole team to avoid the effect of the clothes weight.

Of course, wholesale nfl jerseys free shipping Womci is currently in the fourth year of 4.2 million US dollars to guarantee income with Titan, so $ 50 is not a matter of $ 50. But he got a public praise of Muraki.

Womer also recognizes that he is still a grateful meal at home. He may weigh more than 327 pounds before the end of this week.

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