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Xiao Maji, cheap jerseys from china left cut, Castesso announced retirement

US time on Tuesday, Pony Castonzo announced its own decommissioned decision.

Casteo said in the statement: “When I was young, my dream was only NFL play. The second grade is my first season, now I have finished the last season. Sitting here, afraid of yourself 10 Year NFL career, I am very proud of my hard work and sacrifice, but it is these let me evolve dreams, eventually become the reality I have died. “

Castello is the first round show in 2011, and all the 144 games played in the career as the first. In the 17 games he absent, the pony won only 4 games.

After the 2019 season, Casteco has considered retirement, but finally decided to leave. In the 2020 season, cheap jerseys for sale Castesso once missed four games due to knee injury and ankle injury, cheap nfl jerseys and did not participate in the playoffs of Bill.

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