The Dirty Truth on Wholesale Jerseys From China

Kirk Coss: New England Patriots jerseys It is not good to play it.

US Time Monday Kirk Cousins ​​interviewed in Washington, talked about its own contract. Cossone said that he did not have a long-term contract because of his high-time performance in the 2015 season.

Cosmin is currently a privileged label of the team, and it is considered to be excellent in the next season. He himself said: “I think people need many information to do an important decision, and wholesale New England Patriots jerseys for sale Washington Hongki, they need to decide whether to give me a long-term contract next season, I understand this everything, if they think it is on me Good information is not bad, I certainly hope to play longer, if I am not playing in next season, I really don’t pay back, I don’t want a long-term contract, so I need to prove myself, wait and see. “

The privilege label can only ensure that Cousins ​​is a season, if he is injured next season or cheap jerseys free shipping in any case, wholesale jerseys from china it may lose the contract.

Cousin finally said: “This is not for what, I just want to complete the contract to get your own work, more focus on playing, simple contract simple process, more peace of mind, more peace of mind.”

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