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Bears linebacker Trey Davidson knee injuries the season

Chicago Bears linebacker Danny – Terre Davidson (Danny Trevathan) confirm torn patellar tendon in his right knee in the team’s 21-27 loss to the Tennessee Titans game, wholesale nfl jerseys outlet this ending his season.

Trey Davidson became the first 15 players this season, was placed on the injured reserve list of Bears.

Trey Davidson The injury could affect his status in 2017. Patellar tendon tear usually requires 6-9 months recovery time to resume training, but some players need time to recover throughout the year.

This season is one of the Bears defense group leader Trey Davidson signed a four-year guaranteed income included $ 12 million contract in the offseason with the team. He is expected to take up to $ 3.35 million in salary cap space in 2017.

Prior to joining the Bears, Denver Broncos Trey Davidson into effect four years, wholesale nfl jerseys usa he helped the Broncos won the 50th Super Bowl champion.

Bears are expected to use second-year guard John line – instead of Terre Davidson Timu (John Timu). This year’s show four linebacker Nick – Kuiai Koski (Nick Kwiatkoski) instead of in the last game was suspended for four games veteran linebacker Jie Leier – Freeman (Jerrell Freeman) as the starting middle linebacker on the other side .

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