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Sherman’s cheating in Braddy and Patriot in the wind wave

After the team lost in the super bowl for seven months, Seattle Haying Corner Richard Sherman expressed support to his opponent.

It has reaffirmed that Siha Brady’s four banned Tom Brady’s penalty is too severe Sherman that he is satisfied with this banned game, and cheap oakley sunglasses he believes that it is not intensified for cheap oakley sunglasses china the cheating of patriots.

“Everyone has a bit different, but ultimately, the performance is most important,” Sherman said. “If they are strong, they can do it directly, they can do this. You can say that they know your tactics or they look at this or they look at that, but many times if you study a game carefully Recording, you will find signs for you. You will find these things. So if you correctly study the competition video, you can understand what tactics you will use in the court, when you use this tactics, you will know. But can you perform your own tactics? One party can prevent 11 people from opponents? Ultimate, this is the most important thing. You can say that you stole tactics or just, but they still win the game. They Still have to copy the ball. They still have to perform tactics. 11 players have to perform tactics at the same time. This is what they do, so I have to praise them. If there is any conspiracy trick, they have escaped penalty. Just as they said If you are not caught, then it is not cheating. “

In addition, Shelman also was dissatisfied with the processes of the alliance in the banned punishment and Breddy’s resurgence, but he was satisfied with Braddy’s ending.

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